The Greek islands are famous for their sandy beaches which are safe and clear: here and there is no possibility of being threatened by a shark or failing to go swimming because of strong and dangerous waves. The natural environment is not only very friendly but also interesting.

Divers can explore the sheltered natural harbour water of Scapa Flow in Orkney Islands and discover the wrecks of 78 German ships which were scuttled after World War to prevent the British taking them. The harbour has been used for over 1000 years since the Vikings and offers a fantastic underwater site full of history and marine life.

Bilbao was built around the Old City or Seven Streets district which is now protected as a historical monument. Nevertheless it is a bustling part of the city, with many bars and restaurants that attract locals and tourists to the area. The Gothic Santiago Cathedral is the oldest structure in Bilbao and a landmark of the city, worth investigating for its beautiful interiors in the Neo Classical style.

The 36-year-old went scuba diving in Alaska while shooting for the film which tells the story of the rescue of three whales.

Even though these nations are quite forgiving to the western way of doing things, you will be imprisoned if you cannot pay the large fine that will be imposed for overstaying. Overstaying your visa is charged at US$20 a day for over stays up to 60 days, anytime over 60 days are your will be liable to 5 years imprisonment or a fine of IDR. Twenty-five million. If you do plan to stay longer than your visa permits, then you can fly to a near by country like Thailand or Vietnam reasonably cheaply and re enter Bali to renew your visa.

* Kanuhura: Situated on the Lhaviyana Atoll, a brief 125km flight from the metropolis Male, the Kanuhura resort is right for luxurious ancestral vacation trips. Kanuhura boasts 95 thatched roof suites with seaside villas found simply steps from the oceans edge and the fine-looking water villas constructed on stilts over the ocean. Particularly family generous, the Kanuhura resort as well deals a selection of duplex villas which are in a position to comfortably lodging 2 adults and 3 teenagers. Not surprisingly early booking is key to secure certainly one of these amply sought while villas.

Any place that offers relaxation and opportunities for having fun is a good holiday destination. However, beach holidays have their own charm and the sun, sand and sea are loved by one and all. Discover the magic of a beach holiday. Read on to find out how beaches can make for a perfect holiday destination and where to go.

This is the first wildlife reserve of India spread over an area of more than 500 sq km in the Himalayan foothills. Jim Corbett National Park is a world renowned wildlife sanctuary for the tiger conservation. It is the oldest national park of India. Jim Corbett National Park is attributed to the great hunter later became conservationist ‘Jim Corbett’ who played an important role in its establishment of the park. Initially, Corbett National park was known as Hailey National Park.